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Dr. Alexander is Professor of Civil Engineering in the University of Cape Town (UCT). Before joining UCT he practised in municipal Engineering and lectured at the University of Witwaterstand from where he had obtained his PhD degree. His teaching and research interest are in cement & concrete engineering, with experience ranging from materials and application to design and construction. He heads Concrete Materials Research Group at UCT where work is being done on problems of marine concrete durability among others. He is active in RILEM, an international organization concerned with research in materials and structures. He also acts as a specialist consultant to Industry on concrete materials problems. He has extensive publications in South Africa and international journals.
  Prof. Alexander Mark G. South Africa
Dr. Bertron is an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at University Paul Sabatier and conducts her research activities in the Laboratory of Materials and Durability of Constructions (LMDC), Toulouse, France. Her research interests mainly concern durability of cementitious materials (degradation mechanisms, performance of materials), interactions between microorganisms and building materials, and photocatalysis. She is the scientifi c supervisor of the Technology Transfer Division in LMDC, which aims to offer technical assistance to national and regional industries, building material characterization, and aggregate testing, among other things. She is an active member of international and national scientifi c and technical committees. She is the author of more than 30 publications in international and national journals, proceedings and books and a reviewer for several international journals.
  Prof.Bertron Alexandra , France
Dr. Bhattacharjee is Professor at the department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Prior to this he had worked in M/s. Gammon India. His areas of active research includes repair in concrete due to corrosion , high performance concrete, microstructure, modeling of concrete chloride ingress, water ingress, service life prediction and life cycle costing of concrete structures besides condition evaluation and health monitoring of structures. He has been involved in several consultancy and sponsored research projects (more than 100). He is a member of various national institutes & societies. He has published more than 60 papers in International and National Journals and Conferences.
  Prof. Bhattacharjee B.
Dr. Chatterjee presently holding the post of Director with Dr. Fixit Institute of Structural Protection and Rehabilitation in Mumbai, had a long tenure with the ACC Ltd., Mumbai. As its Wholetime Executive Director he was responsible for the Company’s Research and Consultancy Directorate, Refractory Business, Advanced Materials Business and Project Management activities. Prior to joining the ACC Ltd., he was a General Manager with the then Cement Research Institute of India (now known as National Council of Cement and Building Materials). He has been an Advisor to UNIDO for projects in Nigeria and Peoples Republic of China. He is a fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering and several other professional bodies in India and abroad. He is on the editorial board of “Cement and Concrete Research”.He has a large number of publications to his credit.
  Dr. Chatterjee Anjan Kumar India
Dr. Collepardi is Honorary Member of American Concrete Institute. He has more than 350 scientific papers to his credit and author or co-author of some text books on concrete science and technology. He has also got patents in the fields of superplasticizers, silica fume, expansive cements and mortars for repair of deteriorated concrete structures. He has been awarded in 1989 CANMET / ACI award for his “Outstanding Contributions to the fundamental knowledge of superplasticizers and their use in concrete”.In 1997 CANMET and ACI honoured him in Rome(Italy) with “Mario Collepardi symposium on advances in Concrete Science and Technology.
  Prof. Collepardi Mario
Dr. De Belie is Professor of Durability of Cement Bound Materials at Ghent University, Belgium. She is also Technical Director of Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research. Her expertise includes: Durability and sustainability of Cement-bound materials; Effect of Supplementary Cementitious materials such as fly ash, silicafume, slag and polymers on hydration and repair of building materials, Biomechanics. NDT testing etc. She is laureate of multiple awards. She is also chair or member of several national & international scientific committees & author of more than 150 publications in journals and conference proceedings. She is also advisor for “Science and Innovation” of Flemish Minister of Economy, Enterprise, Science, Innovation and Foreign Trade.
  Prof. De Belie Nele
Dr. Groot is Professor Emeritus at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands and presently working on external funded project “Water Permeability Problems in Historic Masonry”. Apart from this he is also consulting on restoration of historic masonry, churches, towers, city canals, defence works, wind mills etc. and reviewer for “Materials & Structures Journal”. He has published more than 80 technical papers in various international seminars, forums & journals on the topics of Reinforced plastic structures, Appropriate Building Techniques, Mortar Brick-Bond in various masonry, Round wood structures, Restoration etc.
  Dr. Groot Casper JWP,
Dr. Hanehara is Associate Professor at Iwate University, Faculty of Engineering Japan in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Construction Materials Laboratory. His major fields of interests are Cement Chemistry and Material Science of concrete related to microstructure, hydration, superplasticizer interaction & cement hydration, and durability of concrete etc. He is Chairman of Cement Chemistry Committee of Japan Cement Association and member of International Affairs Committee of Japan Concrete Institute. He is also editorial board member of “Cement and Concrete Research” and “Advanced Concrete Technology” (JCI). He has to his credit more than 100 publications of papers and books and won several awards for his contribution.
  Prof. Hanehara Shunsuke Japan
Dr. Hao received his PhD degree from the University of California at Berkeley in 1989 with a major in structural engineering and two minors in mathematics and strong motion seismology. Currently he is Winthrop Chair Professor of Structural Dynamics in the University of Western Australia, and an adjunct Chengkung Professor of Tianjin University in China. His research interests include Earthquake Engineering, Blast Engineering and Structural Condition Monitoring. He has about 500 technical publications, including more than 10 edited books and book chapters, more than 160 journal papers and 20 keynote presentations in international conferences. He is Chair and co-chair of 9 international conferences and workshops, serves in editorial board of 6 structural engineering journals, and is the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Protective Structures..
  Prof. Hao Hong
Dr. Mukherjee is the Director, Thapar University, Patiala, India. Prior to this he was a Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.His research interests are mechanics of composites, structural rehabilitation and retrofitting, structural health monitoring, and inverse problems of structural engineering. He has more than 150 publications in archival international journals, and conferences. He has overseen a number of projects including seismic rehabilitation, Earthquake Relief Project etc. Professor Mukherjee is the Principal Investigator of several research projects supported by the National Science Foundation, USA, German Aerospace, Germany, European Union, Department of Science and Technology and Indian Space Research Organistion, India.. Dr. Pandiman
  Prof. Mukherjee Abhijit
Dr. Pandiman is the Executive Director of Pidilite Innovation Centre Pte. Ltd. and is responsible for the global applied research and product innovations of surface coatings and construction chemicals for Pidilite Group of Companies. He has more than 10 years experience in these fields and his research interests are in the future and emerging applications of nano-materials in surface coatings and construction chemicals. He has developed many innovative products and successfully commercialized in the global markets. As the Chartered Chemist, Chartered Scientist, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) UK, Dr. D. Pandiman is the Chairman of the RSC Singapore Section, and is the Vice-President of Singapore National Institute of Chemistry. He is a Member of SPRING Singapore’s Technical Committee for Surface Coatings, and is also a Technical Assessor, under the Singapore Accreditation Council-Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAC-SINGLAS) for technical audits at various independent laboratories in Singapore.
  Dr. Pandiman Dien Singapore
Dr. Sabnis is a Consultant and works for project management and financial advisory service. He has more than 45 years of experience in engineering, academia and research at Howard University, and Industry with his international consulting firm for more than 20 years. He specializes in the field of concrete and structural engineering and has written more than 15 books and 150 published articles in the above areas in US and other countries. His areas of specialization are Rehabilitation Engineering, Experimental methods and Testing, Construction Engineering and Management, Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete, Structural Design and Investigations, NDT testing, Polymer Concrete, Ratings for Nuclear power plants.
  Dr. Sabnis Gajanan M.
Dr. Sezen is Associate Professor of Structural Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science at The Ohio State University, USA. He received his PhD degree from the University of California, Berkeley. His research interests include design and analysis of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures and performance evaluation of concrete structures under extreme loads such as earthquakes. He has been a principal investigator of several projects, including concrete repair and rehabilitation. He has more than 70 technical publications. He is a member of several technical committees, including ACI 562 code committee, Evaluation, Repair and Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings, and ACI 369 committee, Seismic Repair and Rehabilitation..
  Prof. Sezen Halil