Rebuild is a quarterly knowledge sharing Newsletter which gives an emphasis on the latest practices & standard ways of doing the construction & rehabilitation practices in Repairs & Rehabilitation. Rebuild is free of cost, which DFI-SPR circulates to the renowned organisations / construction industry / consultants/ project people/ contractors/ engineering colleges all over India to spread the knowledge in the construction field.
Publications Rebuild
Year: 2016
4. Rebuild-Vol-10 No. 4 (Oct - Dec)
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3. Rebuild-Vol-10 No. 3 (July - Sept)
1.From the Editor's Desk
2.Structural Crack Repair
3.Structural Strengthening
4.Factors affecting the durability of concrete repair: the contractor’s viewpoint
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2. Rebuild-Vol-10 No. 2 (Apr - June)
1.From the Editor's Desk
2.Concrete Removal, Bar Cleaning & Surface Preparation for Concrete Repair
3.Rebar Corrosion Crack Repair
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1. Rebuild-Vol-10 No. 1 (Jan - Mar)
1.From the Editor's Desk
2.Repair Guidance Notes
3.Concrete repair
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Year: 2015
4. Rebuild-Vol-9 No. 4 (Oct - Dec)
1.From the Editor's Desk
2.Comparison of Chemical Grout Properties : Which grout can be used where and why?
3.Cementitious Grouting under base plates and fixing of rails in an Automatic Storage Yards - A case study
4.Grout formulation and Specifications
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3.Rebuild-Vol-9 No. 3 (July - Sept)
1.From the Editor's Desk
2.Advanced Floor Coatings / Surfacing
3.Cementitious Self-levelling Flooring
4.Guidelines for Execution of Epoxy / PU Floorings
5.Self-levelling Epoxy Flooring - Case Studies
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2.Rebuild-Vol-9 No. 2 (Apr - June)
1.From the Editor's Desk
2.Corrosion Prevention Strategies
3.Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structures
4.Pros & Cons of Chemical & Electrochemical Corrosion Protection Techniques for Reinforced Concrete Structures
5.Corrosion Repair and Protection Measures – A Case Study
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1.Rebuild-Vol-9 No. 1 (Jan - Mar)
1.From the Editor's Desk
2.Microscopic and Chemical Methods of Diagnosis of Alkali Aggregate Reactions in Concrete
3.Case studies on Alkali Aggregate Reactions in Concrete
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Year: 2014
4. Rebuild-Vol-8 No. 4 (Oct - Dec)
1.From the Editor's Desk
2.Ground Penetrating Radar and its Applications in Civil Engineering
3.Ground Penetrating Radar Applications
4.GPR Application - Case Studies
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3.Rebuild-Vol-8 No. 3 (July - Sept )
1.From the Editor's Desk
2.Advanced Techniques and Instruments for Water Leakage Detection in Buildings
3.Membrane Integrity Testing & Electronic Leak Detection by Vector Mapping and Case Studies
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2.Rebuild-Vol-8 No. 2 (Apr - June )
1.From the Editor's Desk
2.Waterproofing - External Walls of Buildings
3.Designing and Waterproofing of External Walls
4.Remedial Water Proofing of External Walls
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1. Rebuild-Vol-8 No.1 (Jan - Mar )
1.From the Editor’s Desk
2.Balancing between Waterproofingand Insulation of Vegetative RoofSystems
3.A Durable, Energy-Efficient,High-Performance andSustainable Roofing System
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Year: 2013
4. Rebuild-Vol-7 No. 4 (Oct - Dec)
1.From the Editor's Desk
2.Design Considerations for Roof Garden Systems
3.Podium Waterproofing
4.Waterproofing of Planter boxes, on terrace
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3.Rebuild-Vol-7 No. 3 (July - Sept)
1.Waterproofing of New Roofs and Terraces
2.Remedial Waterproofing of Roofs and Terraces
3.Case Studies of Remedial Waterproofing
4.Water Proofing of Slopped and Curved Roofs
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2.Rebuild-Vol-7 No. 2 (Apr - June )
1.From the Editor's Desk
2.Waterproofing of New Roofs and Terraces
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1.Rebuild-Vol-7 No. 1 (Jan - Mar )
1.From the Editor's Desk
2.Designing and Waterproofing of Internal Wet Areas
3.Remedial Measures in Internal Wet Areas for a Leak-Free Situation
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Year: 2012
4.Rebuild-Vol-6 No. 4 (Oct - Dec )
1.From the Editor's Desk
2.Waterproofing of Water Retaining Structures
3.Remedial Treatment of Water Retaining Structures
4.Case Studies of Remedial Treatment of Water Retaining Structures
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3.Rebuild-Vol-6 No. 3 (July - Sept )
1.Remedial Waterproofing of Basement
2.Damage Assessment in the Basement during Remedial Works
3.Case Studies of Remedial Waterproofing and Repair of Basements
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2.Rebuild-Vol-6 No. 2 (Apr - June )
1.Basement Waterproofing of New Structures
2.Case Studies of Basement Waterproofing of New Structures
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1.Rebuild-Vol-6 No. 1 (Jan - Mar )
1.Skill Development of Construction Workers
2.Training Requirements in 3 R's highlight the Gaps in Knowledge of Professional Engineers
3.Evaluation of Training by Corporate Houses
4.Need for Distance Education in Application of Construction Chemicals, Repair and Waterproofing
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Year: 2011
4.Rebuild-Vol-5 No. 4 (Oct - Dec )
1.Concrete Petrography Implications and Potential as a Diagnostic Technique
2.Thermographic (Infrared Thermal Imaging) A Miraculous NDT Method to Detect Common Building Defects
3.Non-destructive Evaluation with Impact-echo and Repair of Concrete Masonry Unit Walls
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3.Rebuild-Vol-5 No. 3 (July - Sept )
1.Corrosion Measuring Techniques in Reinforced Concrete Structures
2.Electromagnetic Testing Method of Rebar in Reinforced Concrete
3.Galvanostatic Pulse Transient Method for Corrosion Measurement and Service Life Estimation of RC Structures
4.Understanding Rapid Chloride Permeability Test (RCPT) Method
5.Corrosion Assessment of Rebar - A Case study
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2.Rebuild-Vol-5 No. 2 (Apr - June )
1.Condition Assessment of the Structures by Non-destructive Evaluation Techniques
2.Proper Use of the Rebound Hammer
3.Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity its Applications and Limitations
4.Repair and Rehabilitation of Nehru Memorial College of K.V.G. Group of Institutions at Mangalore - A Case Study
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1.Rebuild-Vol-5 No. 1 (Jan - Mar )
1.Special Lecture Delivered by Dr. Kribanandan Gurusamy Naidu, MD of JTK Consult Sdn. Bhd, Malayasia on “Advances in Waterproofing Materials & Technology”
2.Considering Coatings
3.Best Practice Guidelines For External Waterproofing Membranes
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Year: 2010
4.Rebuild-Vol-4 No. 4 (Oct - Dec )
1.Special Lecture delivered by Dr. Nele De Belie, Ghent University, Belgium on “Healing and Self- Healing of Concrete and Stone”
2.Self-Healing of Concrete - A New Technology for a More Sustainable Future
3.Autogenous Healing of Engineered Cementitious Composites Under Wet-Dry Cycles
4.Structural Strengthening of a Multiplex During Construction Stage in Chennai - A Case Study
5.Moisture Ingress through Basement Walls Rectified with Crystalline Materials
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3.Rebuild-Vol- 4 No. 3 (Jul - Sept )
1.Special Lecture delivered by Dr. Gajanan M. Sabnis Emeritus Professor, Howard University, Washington, DC on “Sustainability and Green building”
2.Go Green with Green Building Concept for a Sustainable Development
3.System and Criteria for Rating of a Green Building in India
4.A Preliminary Assessment of Building Codes/Standards in India for Energy Conservation Buildings
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2.Rebuild-Vol-4 No. 2 (Apr - June )
1.Special lecture delivered by Dr. P. R. Swarup, Director General, Counstruction Industry Development Council (CIDC), New Delhi on “Repair & Maintenance needs of the concrete structures in India”
2.Understanding Common Building Defects, Solutions & Maintenance Management
3.Maintenance of Roads
4.Concrete Bridge Maintenance
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1.Rebuild-Vol-4 No. 1 (Jan - Mar )
1.Seismic Assessment & Retrofitting of RC Frame Buildings
2.Seismic Evaluation and Economical Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Buildings
3.Methods for Seismic Retrofitting of Structures
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Year: 2009
3.Rebuild-Vol-3 No. 3 (Jul - Sept )
1.Tile and Tile Adhesives
2.Green Building Tile Adhesives- A primer
3.Failure of Tiling System
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2.Rebuild-Vol-3 No. 2 (Apr - June )
1.The New Variety of Polycarboxylate Dispersants
2.New Developments in Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures
3.Performance of new viscosity modifying admixtures in enhancing the rheological properties of cement paste
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1.Rebuild-Vol-3 No. 1 (Jan - Mar )
1.Properties of Cementitious Repair Grouts and their Testing Methods
2.Highlights of Some Selected Repair Grouts with Special Emphasis on PU Grouts
3.Experience of using PU Grout
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Year: 2008
4.Rebuild-Vol-3 No. 4 (Oct - Dec )
1.Restoration of Historic Massive Masonry
2.Structural Preservation of Monument
3.The Importance of Moisture Protection in Preservation and Restoration
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3.Rebuild-Vol-2 No. 3 (Jul - Sept )
1.Types of Sealants - Their Major Characteristics
2.The Relative Effects Of Deformation and Aging on Sealant Behavior
3.Sealant Selection Using An Expert System
4.GC Member Lecture Series
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2.Rebuild-Vol-2 No. 2 ( Apr - June )
1.Industrial Slab-on-Ground Joint Stability
2. Epoxy Flooring
3. Concrete Slab Repair
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1.Rebuild-Vol-2 No. 1 (Jan - Mar )
1.Exterior Wall Coatings for Concrete and Masonry
2.Specifying High-Performance Coatings for Concrete
3.Performance Requirements of Wall coatings: The Facts and the Fiction
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Year: 2007
4.Rebuild-Vol-1 No. 4 ( Oct - Dec )
1.Repairs to Restore Serviceability in Concrete Structures
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3.Rebuild-Vol-1 No. 3 ( Jul - Sept )
1.Admixtures Essential Compoents of Modern Concrete
2. The Basics Of Root Coating
3. Waterproofing Membranes
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2. Rebuild-Vol-1 No. 2 (Apr - June )
1.Deterioration of Concrete
2.The Roofing Industry In Mexico
3.The Green Challenge
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1. Rebuild-Vol-1 No. 1 (Jan - Mar )
1.Concrete of the Future
2.National Roofing Contractors Association
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